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Silk'n US Website

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Originally built on Magento around the time I started at Net Media Group, Silk'n was one of my longest running and most challenging projects. My team ended up porting it to Rails, with a redesign, due to the constant custom features that the client requested. Magento made many of these additions very difficult and time-consuming to implement, so we decided to build a ground-up site for future-proof flexibility. One of the largest updates was the responsive overhaul I proposed. I supported this proposal with data from Google Analytics that I had been compiling which showed rapidly increasing mobile traffic. Mobile user percentage was as high as 65% at one point after the redesign.

Flash & GO landing page, the Silk'n flagship product.

Left to right demo sizes are Desktop, iPad, Galaxy S7. The page went through countless iterations and tests throughout its life. There were many other models that came and went under this product line. Our designer and I had to prove each time that a narrowed down decision (in this case 2 models) was better than too many options, which creates a decision overload and higher bounce rate. We worked together to create several different designs that we could A/B test to show evidence for our claims, and eventually convinced the client, which resulted in a more profitable page that everyone was happy with.

FaceFX landing page

Checkout - I had to build a new responsive cart & checkout for this site

Pedi Pro landing page

ReVit landing page

Titan landing page